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Lingose GameFi | Meaning & Price Prediction

Lingose GameFi

A growing GameFi infrastructure project, Lingose (LING) has been one of the best-performing assets in 2022, and we provide a review of it here. Find out why we think it has the potential to become the top platform in the virtual economy, and why Lingose GameFi has outperformed the market and other GameFi protocols.

Understanding Lingose GameFi (LING)

Lingose is developing an essential part of the GameFi infrastructure with the intention of creating a global Game ID standard secured by smart contracts. As a result, participants in Web3 protocols and games would be able to generate an on-chain credential that tracks user behaviour and provides scoring.

Lingose ID

During development, Lingose uses the term “Lingose ID” to refer to the Game ID. This will serve as a travel document for the many Web3 games a user may play, documenting their successes as they progress through the various game chains. The Lingose ID will serve as a digital passport, noting your progress and highlighting your accomplishments across games and social networks.

Proof of Play (POP) is the jargon for Game ID’s underlying NFT, which adheres to the ERC-721 standard. Multi-chain deployment of the Lingose ID is planned, and it can already be used with games on the Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain, OKC Chain and Polygon.

Is Lingose a Good Investment for GameFi?

Since launching its IDO on Bybit’s Launchpad in September 2021, Lingose has been one of the top-performing protocols in the GameFi industry, and its price has skyrocketed as a result. The goal of the project is to create a universal gaming passport that can be used to record your progress in any game that uses the Ethereum blockchain. As such, it is a fantastic ‘index’ investment for the sphere of crypto gaming.

The Lingose team has extensive gaming industry experience, and their advisory team features major players in the fields of NFTs and Web3 gaming. Based on our research, we think the Lingose project has solid foundations and great potential to become a market leader in the GameFi industry.

A rise in LING token demand is anticipated as Lingose ID is implemented in a larger number of games. Lingose has the potential to become the dominant platform in the virtual economy, and as such, we feel confident in investing in it through GameFi.

Lingose GameFi (LING) Price Prediction

YearLingose (LING) Price Prediction
Lingose (LING) coin price prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2026, 2030, 2040, 2050

Is Lingose GameFi Safe?

Lingose is 100% safe. The fundamental functioning principle of Lingose is divided into five modules:

1. Lingose ID

A Lingose ID functions similarly to a passport, permitting the user to enter the Web3 Gaming World after they have obtained one. Users are able to link all of their other meta accounts and collaborate with each other across all of them. Users have the ability to choose their own personalised ID, and their Lingose accounts will automatically update to reflect any new ranks, results, or prizes they earn.

2. User Behaviour Capture System

Users will trigger chain events whenever they play a game on the chain. These events include, but are not limited to, transfer, authorization, contract transfer, and other similar activities. Lingose has implemented a standardised API over Web3. Lingose receives data regarding user activity from the chain, which it then analyses. Perform an analysis of the user’s participation in the game. This information is then categorised according to the many types of chain behaviours and stored in the Lingose ID. At the same time, Lingose will retrieve public data from sources such as Twitter, Github, and others. It will collect the data that is stored off-chain.

3. Proof of Play (POP)

Proof of Play (POP) is an open-source non-fungible token (NFT) protocol that is built on erc-721. The objective of the POP project is to provide a dependable new method for recording gameplay experiences.

4. EXP

The Platform will configure a variety of different EXP values in accordance with the various forms of user behaviour data. The level of Lingose ID will improve together with the gain in EXP, and further privileges and benefits will become available to the user as a result. Users will receive the appropriate NFT in proportion to the amount of experience they have accrued and the contributions they have made to the platform. This NFT can be utilised for either transactional or collection purposes.

5. The Reputation System

The Reputation System is Made Up of a Credit Accumulation and Punishment Mechanism That Is Designed To Reward Or Punish The User Based On Their Use Of The System.

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