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How Zerodha Dominated the Indian Stock Market?

How Zerodha Dominated the Indian stock market

Are you interested in finding out how Zerodha will compete with other brokerage platforms in India with an increase of 60% in annual revenue in FY 2022 while dominating the Indian stock market?
We’ll go over some of Zerodha’s brilliant business strategies, including why it’s the best broker platform in India and why it controls the Indian stock market.

What Is Zerodha?

Zerodha is one of the best websites for investing in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, etc.

One of the biggest, best, and most successful companies on the Indian Stock Market is Zerodha. The Indian Stock Market and other stock market brokers are under Zerodha’s dominance.

For the financial year 2022, Zerodha reported a 60% increase in its annual revenue, approximately Rs 1,800 Crores, or $235.7 Million. Numerous other brokerages in India, including upstox and others, are in the red, while Zerodha has been profitable since day 1.

Genius Strategies Of Zerodha

1. No Advertisement Budget

Zerodha shifted its attention to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.
Since most users try to be extremely cautious when trading, very few users make impulsive purchases.

Instead of spending money on advertising, Zerodha focuses and invests heavily in its customers. This is one of the main strategies employed by Zerodha and is a key factor in the company’s dominance of the Indian stock market.

How did they target the Audience with Zero fees?

Like the Royal Enfield and Oneplus did in their earlier days, they have targeted enthusiasts. The general public was not their intended audience. It is known as word-of-mouth marketing when enthusiasts promote products by discussing them with others and referring them to others.

I would suggest watching this video if you want to learn more about it.

2. Tech Innovation

Zerodha has conducted lots of research, and they are constantly working to improve their software development and user experience (UX) design in order to make their application and website user-friendly and appealing so that a beginner user can easily understand them.

The applications Kite, Pi, Coin, Varsity, and others are constantly being released by Zerodha.


Karthik Rangappa at Zerodha developed Varsity, a comprehensive and in-depth collection of the stock market and financial lessons. One of the biggest online resources for financial education, it is freely available to everyone.


Their lightning-fast trading platform, features advanced charts, streaming market data, a beautiful user interface, and more.

Learn all about Kite in this video

Users who trade with Zerodha have a wide range of options available to them, and the company’s applications provide a wide range of advanced options so that users aren’t drawn to other brokerage websites.

To make their 10 million+ clients’ lives easier, Zerodha was the first to introduce advanced features like Nudge, Kill switch, GTT, etc.

Users can invest in:

  • Futures and Options
  • Commodity derivatives
  • Currency derivatives
  • Stocks & IPOs
  • Direct mutual funds
  • Bonds and Govt. Securities

3. Educating Users/Financial Education to Users

When new user joins Zerodha, they must learn the fundamentals of trading. For this reason, Varsity was created so that their new users or beginner traders could learn the fundamentals of trading.

Users receive financial education from them so they can learn about investing, trading, and other aspects of finance. Users have the ability to educate themselves so they can learn how the market functions and how to trade.

To make finance less complicated and more exciting, Finception was introduced.
The purpose of Finception is to make financial information simple for its users.

Learnapp was also introduced to its users where they sell financial information for a charge. These measures, along with the quality and training offered to its users, assist Zerodha in cultivating client loyalty so that they become lifelong customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the pricing of Zerodha?

None of the equity delivery investments (NSE, BSE) requires any kind of brokerage – ₹0 brokerages.

2. Which is better, Groww or Upstox or Zerodha?

They are all discount brokers. Zerodha’s brokerage costs between Rs 20, Upstox’s brokerage costs between Rs 20, and Groww’s brokerage costs between Rs 20. Zerodha is rated 4.5 overall, Upstox is rated 4.5, and Groww is rated 4 out of 5. You can conduct your own research, but we recommend Zerodha as the best brokerage in India.

3. How much can I earn from referring to Zerodha?

Earn 10% of what your friends pay in brokerage by referring them! Get 300 bonus points for every referral as well. The 10% brokerage share is available for withdrawal to your bank account.

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