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How To Buy US Stocks From India | Complete Guide

How To Buy US Stocks From India

If you want to invest in US stocks like Tesla, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. but are confused about how to get started online, this article is for you. This blog contains 2 genuine methods for Indians to invest in US stocks online from their homes, along with a free ₹1,000 worth of Tesla shares and ₹100 for signing up. Read the complete blog below to learn & earn more.

What Are US Stocks?

Stocks in the United States are traded on major platforms such as the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), similar to the BSE and NSE in India. In these exchanges, you can find indices that track the performance of the stock market.

Finzoomers Services Private Limited provides the connectivity service for US Stocks a/c. Please be advised that US Stocks are not exchange-traded funds, and Finzoomers Services Private Limited operates as a facilitator for this product. All issues relating to transaction facilitation services would be barred from using the Exchange investor redressal forum or the Arbitration mechanism.

why invest in US stocks?

Investing in US markets helps you diversify your portfolio because the market provides numerous routes for investing in top sectors such as technology, finance, automobiles, and gold. Investing a portion of your assets in such markets also allows you to be independent of the Indian stock markets and economy.

What are the advantages of investing in US stocks as an Indian?

  • Gaining access to global companies

From the world’s largest technology corporations like Google and Apple to well-known brands like Nike and Starbucks, all are American. Another thing that these US corporations have in common is that they are all global. These companies are well-known all around the world. Due to its global reach, the US equities market has a market value of $47.32 trillion, while the Indian equity market has a market capitalization of $3.21 trillion. As a result, investing in these companies can broaden your perspective.

  • Shares in Fractions

An Apple stock currently costs $173 or almost ₹13,000. Similarly, the current price of an Amazon stock is $118, which is around ₹9000. One could argue that US stocks are highly costly and not a good long-term investment. However, one incredible benefit of the US stock market is the ability to purchase fractional US stocks. Assume you only have ₹20,000. You can put ₹5,000 into each of your four favourite US companies, and so on. This aspect of investing in fractional shares allows investors to spread their money across a variety of companies.

  • Diversification

Political instability, elections, budgets, and natural calamities can have a significant impact on a country’s stock market. Diversifying your finances is a wise technique to protect your investments against a sudden catastrophe. While gold and bonds are useful, investing in US equities can help you diversify your portfolio while also setting you up for potentially good profits.

  • Dollar Value

When you invest in US equities, you are buying them in US dollars. Today’s dollar-to-rupee exchange rate is ₹81.62. (5 October 2022). 5 years ago (7th April 2017), one dollar was worth ₹64.6 When compared to the rupee, the US dollar has gained by more than 26% during the last five years. By investing in US equities, you are investing not just in the stock’s worth but also in the value of the dollar. If the dollar rises against the rupee, so will your investment.

How To Purchase US Stocks From India?

I’ll discuss the best two ways to buy US stocks online from the comfort of your own home in India.

1. INDmoney

INDmoney makes it simple for anyone in India who wants to start trading in US stocks. Their zero-cost system enables you to begin trading immediately, with no account opening fees or commissions on buying and selling. Opening a US stocks account with INDmoney takes less than 3 minutes.

Click Here To Start Investing In US Stocks

If you sign up for INDmoney using this link and invest in US stocks, you will receive ₹1000 Tesla stocks for free, as well as many other Indian stocks, after completing the registration and KYC process.

Why should you invest in US stocks with INDmoney?

  • There are no one-time or monthly expenses to get started.
  • Get more dollars in exchange for your rupees.
  • Within a few minutes, you will get instant processing.
  • They will not charge commissions on any buy/sell transactions.

Register Now and get your ₹1000 Tesla stock for free.

2. Groww

Groww is one of the finest applications used by investors in India to invest in both Indian and US stocks. They have a clear, clean, and easy-to-understand user interface and offer ₹100 for simply signing up and completing the KYC.

Click Here To Register & get your ₹100 free.

Why should you invest in US stocks with Groww?

  • Free Account Opening
  • Zero Account Maintenance Charges
  • No Brokerage

Steps To Get Started

  1. Activate your account by Registering and completing KYC.
  2. Fund your Groww account.
  3. Buy and Sell Stocks.
  4. Withdraw money with the lowest withdrawal fees in the market.

You can withdraw your reward money directly to your bank account after signing up and completing KYC.


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